Maren Terbuyken

Sensitive, grounded, but complicated, Maren Terbuyken is here to break free from her tough life in Hamm and make something of herself. And maybe she’ll just get to plant some trees along the way!

Personal Stats

Sample photo of what Maren might look like (from World of Woman)

Age: 17 years old

Hails from: Hamm (near Dortmund)

Personality: withdrawn, grounded, and can be a little uptight at times; concerned about the world, its future, and who people are on the inside; doesn’t mesh well with the superficial or artificial lifestyle or fake, showy people

Interests: theater, reading, the environment; conservation; positive energy

Skills: theatre, improv, striking out to prove herself

Relationship: None; feels too outcasted and socially-awkward to have a boyfriend

Goals: Wants to show herself as something more than a school drop out and a head case; wants to give some support and meaning to her mother’s efforts to raise Maren well

More about Where Maren is from:
The City of Hamm

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Hamm, Germany