The Playwright

** As seen on Hartmann and Stauffacher**

lutzhubnerLutz Hübner was born in Heilbronn in 1964. After studying German philology, philosophy and sociology in Münster, he began his apprenticeship at the Saarland Academy of Music and Theater in Saarbrücken in 1986, at the Saarland State Theater Saarbrücken and the Karlsruhe State Theater.

From 1990 to 1996, Hübner worked as an actor and director at the Rheinisches Landestheater Neuss and the theater of the provincial capital Magdeburg. Since 1996 he has been a freelance writer and director in Berlin, where he lives with his wife and child.

Lutz Hübner, known for his comprehensive and varied piece repertoire, was awarded the German Youth Theater Prize in 1998 for HERZ EINES BOXERS. In 2005, his piece HOTEL PARAISO was invited to attend the Berlin Theatertreffen. Pieces such as GRETCHEN 89 ff., EHRENSACHE, BLÜTENTRÄUME or WOMMÜLLER MUSSLIER have to make Lutz Hübner since the end of the nineties to one of the most-played contemporary dramatic artists on German stages. In 2008 Hübner received the Honorable Mention from ASSITEJ International.

In 2009, the production of his play GEISTERFAHRER by the state theater Hanover, in 2011 the staging of his play THE COMPANY THANKT was invited by the Staatsschauspiel Dresden to the Mülheim theater.

The authors’ prize of ASSITEJ was awarded to Lutz Hübner in 2011. In 2015, Hübners and Nemitz ‘success piece FRAU MÜLLER MUSSWEG came to the German cinemas in the film adaptation of Sönke Wortmann (including Anke Engelke) – the film reached over 1 million viewers and received numerous prizes. In addition, Hübner was a member of the jury of the Berlin theatertreffen in 2015.

In 2016 Lutz Hübner was awarded the prize of the authors of the Frankfurter Autorenstiftung. His plays have been translated into over a dozen languages and are played all over the world. His clients include the most renowned German theaters. Most pieces are created in collaboration with Sarah Nemitz.

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